8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg COMING SOON! May – September 2022

Futures Digital Festival

The Expos

This year’s selected artists will be presented in two online exhibitions. The first being Futures Talents 2020, a collective showcase in which, like previous editions, all of the 59 talents will be joined and introduced to the public. Accessible at all hours during the festival, Futures Talents 2020 is a place to reflect upon Europe’s contemporary visual landscape as this expo discusses what emerging artists in Europe are talking about today. The simultaneous exhibition, RESET, is curated by visual artist Salvatore Vitale, and investigates this year’s main theme within the projects of seven artists who have all been selected for Futures over the years: Ana Zibelnik, D.vid Bir., Ela Polkowska, Eva O’Leary, Garry Loughlin, Julie Poly and Sanne De Wilde.