8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg COMING SOON! May – September 2021

Triennale Festival Container / Meeting Place at Deichtorhallen-Square


City-photography book session with Alexa Färber tph

Sat 15.09. 15:00 Uhr

Can a book change your life? Has a book ever changed you – or how you view cities? The photobook consultation talking_photobooks.net questions and reveals the potential of books on streetphotography. On the occasion of the “Street-photography” exhibition urban anthropologist Alexa Färber (University of Vienna) invites you to spontaneous discussions on photobooks of exhibited works. 

Are you a fan of a photographic work that found its way into a book, deriving from an exhibition? Do you love that book? And have you longed to share this fascination for a while already? Then come around to the photobook session on September 15th. The discussions will be captured audio-visually and added to the website talking_photobooks.net.

Sprache: German